Getting to Albania

By Air:  “Mother Theresa“ Airport                                                                                                                                        

All international flight are through Mother Theresa International Airport, located 17 km northwest of Tirana. 
Link with the city is provided through a shuttle bus service, the Tirana Rinas Express, running between Skanderbeg Square and Mother Theresa Airport.  
Shuttle buses depart every hour, with an approximate cost of 2 euros. 
Taxi service available at all times, taxi fares mounting to approximately 20 euros.

By Road:                                                                                                                                                                             

There are regular bus services between the following cities: 

Tirana - Tetova, Macedonia, through Qafe Thana

Tirana - Prishtina and other towns in Kosovo through Morina

Korca - Thessalonica, Greece, through Kapshtica

Tirana - Athens through Kakavija

Tirana - Sofia, Bulgaria, and Istanbul, Turkey from Qafe Thana

From Greece
- Through Kapshtica leading from Korça to Thessalonica.
- From Kakavija leading from Gjirokastra to Janina.
- At Qafe Boti Konispol is connected to Filat
- Tre Urat, connecting Permet with Konica.
From Montenegro
- Through Hani I Hotit and Murriqan-Sukobina. The first road links the Northern City of Shkodra and Lake Shkodra with Podgorica, while the second links Shkodra with Ulcinj Montenegro.
- Recently opened  is Vermoshi, which links the region of Kelmendi in Albania with Plava and Gucia (Gusinje) in Montenegro.
From Macedonia
- Qafe Thana pass links Pogradec, Librazhd and Elbasan to Struga.
- From Tushemisht, at the Southeastern end of Lake Ohrid, leading from Pogradec to Saint Naum and Oher.
- From Bllata, leading from Peshkopi to great Dibra. 
- From Gorica the road leads from the northern shores of Lake Prespa to Otoshev and other parts of Macedonia. 
From Kosovo
- Through Morina pass, which links Kukes, Albania, with Pristina, Kosovo 
- Morina which links Tropoja with Gjakova  
- Qafë Prushi, which links Kruma with Gjakova.

By Sea:                                                                                                                                                                                

Albania can be accessed by sea through its main ports:

Durrës:     from Italian ports of Ancona, Bari, Brindisi and Trieste

Vlora:        from Italian port of Brindisi

Shëngjin: from Italian port of Bari

Saranda:  from Greek Island of Corfu